Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day Cheats is the best tool to get unlimited coins and unlimited diamonds for free. Don’t spend any more time looking at videos and sites that don’t even work. Hay Day Cheats is the one and only website in the market that actually works. The reason why hay day cheats works so well it’s because the developers behind the scene actually work for SUPERCELL. The on page generator you see above is used for Supercell developers to test the game, but when I found out I embed the code and put it on here. This Hay Day Cheats is directly connected to Supercell’s servers and it’s 100% legit and working with every updated version of the game. If you like this I’d suggest you to bookmark us for future updates and releases, we plan to update this tool supporting more games. The code we use is C++ which is highly undetected and safe to use, your account won’t get banned and you will have twice as much fun. We guarantee that this will work and hopefully you will share it with your friends. If you would like to make more suggestion about Hay Day Cheats  make sure to leave a comment down below.


If you look at the first image of this post, right in the top side of the page, you will see that this Hay Day Hack works like a charm. That picture is a proof that this Hay Day Hack is legit and works just as easy because it’s coded very professionally in a part by us and the next by supercell.

Features :

– Absolutely free of cost
– Weekly Updates
– Unlimited Coins
– Unlimited Diamonds
– Easy and fast verification

* These features are only a few from many which are to come in the near future.

How to use Hay Day Cheats Tool :

1a. Make sure you visit our website from your phone ( Android or iOS )
1b. If you are on your computer, connect your phone with USB to your computer.
2. Select how many free unlimited coins do you want to pick
3. Select how the number of your free unlimited diamonds you would like
4. Click “Continue”

Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE : Due to high bandwidth of the website and abuse of our tool, we have been forced to put a anti spam verification on the website. The anti – spam verification is like “captcha” version but more advance, all you need to do in order to confirm you’re human you need to complete one easy and free offer. The offers are absolutely free of cost and easy to complete, they will ask for a simple email, zip code or even your phone number (they don’t charge, even if they say they do). If you have any problem, leave a comment below with your farm name and we will do it for you.

After you’ve completed it, the Hay Day Cheats Tool will automatically add your selected coins and diamonds on your account. You don’t have to download any program or anything like that. You are done, just like that. If you liked this awesome tool then we would love if you would share it with your friends, also bookmark the website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or G+.

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